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Shoe Deodorant Capsule Odor Smell Remover Elimilator Deodorizer


Shoe Deodorant Capsule Odor Smell Remover Elimilator Deodorizer

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No one should be embarrassed to remove their shoes

The Cure No More Stench odor eliminator absorbs moisture and prevents odor-causing bacteria from flourishing. Patented plastic Capsoles contain Zeolite aluminosilicate minerals to absorb moisture and perspiration, while antimicrobial nShield stops mold and mildew from forming. The Cure No More Stench does not mask foul odors with heavy chemicals, but actually traps odor-causing dampness and bacteria to remove it altogether. The Cure No More Stench leaves shoes, clothes and spaces with a light fresh-smelling fragrance.

No ingredients or chemicals to handle

Twist open pre-filled Capsule and then place in shoes or other affected areas. Ambient air flow circulates nShield and Zeolite to bind with odious molecules. The cure No More Stench works in any environment where dampness and odors form. Use The Cure No More Stench in storage bins, linen closets, workout bags and gym lockers. Using The Cure No More Stench extends the life of shoes, clothing and other textiles by removing dampness and bacteria that break down and rot leather and other fabrics.

The Cure No More Stench capsuleswork for up to 5 years.

To maximize the life of this product,twist it closed whennot in use

The Cure No More Stench is tested and successful way to eliminate odors and moisture, and resolve smelly shoes and smelly feet.

It prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing in shoes, linen closets, storage bins and suitcases. Prevents mold and mildew from flourishing.

Zeolite aluminosilicate minerals absorb odors while acting as a drying agent in damp shoes, clothing and space. Eliminates musty mildew odors to extend the life of shoes, clothing and other textiles.

Ambient air flow aids in binding with unwanted particles to remove odors and wick away dampness.

Eliminates odors at their source, instead of masking over them with chemicals.

Cute capsule shape, personality and unique, practical and can be used for home decorationABS material, health and environmental protection, corrosion-resistant and durable, safe and odor,

Breathable hollow design, the release of fragrance, deodorant bactericidal effect.

Swivel opening into the shoes, not closed in order to maintain its effectiveness.

On the shoe to kill odor-causing bacteria on the wardrobe can be kept dry and fresh,

Also a air freshener, on the cabinet drawers, suitcases, releasing fragrance.

Prevents Mold Mildew and Bacteria for up to 5 Y

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