msg | Shaper Origin Desktop CNC Machine Can Fabricate Objects Of Any Size
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Shaper Origin Desktop CNC Machine Can Fabricate Objects Of Any Size


Shaper Origin Desktop CNC Machine Can Fabricate Objects Of Any Size

$350.00 $329.99


Design for Origin using design software you already use. Shaper uses simple color-coded vector files to tell it what to cut and how – no complicated CAM steps required. And if you change your mind on cutting path type (e.g. cut on the inside of a line versus the outside of a line), it’s easy to modify that directly on Origin’s touchscreen interface.
Origin enables more precise cuts by automatically correcting or retracting the tool’s bit if the machine strays from the designated cutting path.
Origin needs to the know the bit’s height above the workpiece to ensure that you cut at your desired depth. Origin’s automatic Z Touchoff feature determines this without the need for any special tools or manual effort.
Origin allows you to change offsets for your toolpaths directly on the tool. This makes it easy to do roughing and finishing passes, or to slowly size up an opening to get a perfect pressure fit — without ever having to go back to edit design files.
Ever wanted to just cut a simple shape into an existing workpiece? Origin’s On-Tool CAD enables you to define and place precision shapes directly onto your workpiece.
Origin’s pocketing mode enables you to pocket out an area using free-form movements. Origin’s precision motors help you stay within the lines, and the cutter retracts if you go out of bounds.
Origin is an amazing hole-drilling machine. Its helical operation makes it possible to drill perfectly sized and positioned holes without changing bit sizes.
Shaper Origin is perfect for use in a school, makerspace, woodshop, or robotics program because of the ability to start and stop your production and continue where you left off.
Accurately align digital shapes to physical straight edges using Shaper Origin’s probe function.
We demonstrate milling a pocket into a surface with Origin and then using the same profile to cut a positive patch so that they fit together perfectly.
Use Origin’s vision system to scan your workpiece and to create toolpaths without ever involving a computer.
With Origin’s On-Tool CAD functionality, you can design shapes to be cut directly on the tool. Use the pen tool to pick anchor point for your cut.
We’ve only begun to explore the potential of our integration with Fusion 360. Our plugin already greatly accelerates the process of going from design to fabrication, automatically generating and exporting appropriately named sketches from selected faces.

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