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PocketScan Scanner


PocketScan Scanner

$151.00 $139.00

Features include the ability to scan up to A4-size documents, 400dpi scan quality, and a rechargeable battery rated at up to 400 scans. And, yes, it can scan at a better quality than smartphone photos, so it’s totally worth bringing along as a dedicated device.


It’s not the first handheld scanner we’ve seen. The PocketScan, however, may very well be smaller than anything else out there, allowing you to carry a functional handheld scanner inside your pocket for quickly digitizing any printed matter.

Measuring 3.7 x 2 x 1.1 inches, it takes on similar, albeit thicker, dimensions as business card cases, allowing you to cram it inside most pockets and pouches. Whether you want to scan receipts for your tax records, magazine stories you come across while waiting at the dentist, or just random flyers you find while going about your day, this thing lets you get a digital image in a jiffy.

Because it’s so small, you’ll need to move the Dacuda PocketScan across a page, carefully scanning every section to make sure you get the full image digitized. As such, it works with an accompanying app that displays and stitches the scans in real time, so you’ll know if you’re moving too fast for the device to get an accurate image. It comes with built-in lighting that illuminates whatever it’s scanning, ensuring you get a clear scan with bright colors even inside a dark room.

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