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$450.00 $399.99

  • Kawasaki take Hoverboards to the next level
  • Featuring classic Kawasaki styling and colours
  • Top speed of 12kmph
  • With a range of 20km
  • Board automatically responds to your movements
  • Futuristic and edgy design
  • Bright blue LEDs to the front
  • Official Samsung rechargeable battery
  • Chunky wheels provide a smooth ride
SKU: 55305

Everybody knows who Kawasaki are – the iconic makers of some of the fastest, most powerful and exciting motorbikes in the world. With an urge to conquer the world of two-wheel travel, they have switched things up and had a go at something a little smaller but just as fun.

The Kawasaki Hoverboard is here for all to try out and we have to say that it is more than impressive. The futuristic design has Kawasaki style running through it, with a true to the brand black and green colour scheme and strong angular patterns being complimented by subtle but still supercool LED lights to the front. The fantastic build quality makes this Hoverboard a breeze to ride too, with a range spanning 20km and an exciting top speed of 12kmph, there’s enough adventure packed into these for any thrill seeker.

Riding isn’t as complicated as you might think either. The clever built in technology constantly tracks your centre of gravity whilst on the board, so with every movement you make, the Hoverboard quickly reacts and follows your commands, as if the two of you were seamlessly connected. Just gently shift your bodyweight into the direction you want to go and that’s it. Now you’re effortlessly gliding around without even lifting a finger.

As it’s designed by Kawasaki, you know you’re going to be getting only the highest of quality materials. Like the tried, tested and certified Samsung 158.4wh battery, squashing any fears of what you might have heard in the press about Hoverboards. The sturdy design is also home to two 6.5inch tyres each with its own powerful 250W motors. And recharging couldn’t be simpler with the included plug. Simply plug it in and let it do its thing. Plus, the Kawasaki Hoverboard is capable of tackling a few climbs whilst on your jollies, with the power to tackle gradients as high as 18°.

A perfect gift for someone who always wants to go harder and faster, the Kawasaki Hoverboard is an extraordinary and thrilling ride for all of us who can’t quite save up enough pennies for a Superbike.



  • Tyre size: 6.5 inches
  • Max speed: 12kmph
  • Max range: 20km
  • Total board weight: 12kg
  • Max carry load: 120kg
  • Climbing gradient: 15°
  • Brushless HUB motor
  • Power: 2 x 250W motors
  • Battery: Samsung 158.4wh
  • Charge time: 120-200 minutes
  • Working temperature: -10°C – 40°C
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